Following are samples of Wheeler’s writing. Please click on “Download” to view the associated content. Hundreds more writing samples available upon request.

“The Invisible Master: Infinite Life Lessons From the Wind,” The Kite Mag, Issue #2, Feb. 2015. Download
“Kiteboarding’s Endless Summer: The Cable Park Craze,” iKitesurf.com, Sept. 2014: View

“The Flamingo Nanny,” Islands, Mar. 2012: Download
“Wake Up: South Florida’s Hottest New Way to Keep Cool,” Bird’s Eye View, Summer 2011: Download
“Cable Boom,” Wakeboarding, Aug. 2010: Download
“My Session: British Virgin Islands,” Kiteboarding, Mar. 2010: Download
“Indo Acceleration,” Kiteboarding, Jan. 2010: Download
“Bouncing a Path to Success,” Kiteboarding, Mar. 2009: Download

Liquid Force Kites 2015, Foil Fish Booklet: Download
Liquid Force Kites 2014 Catalog: Download
Slingshot Wakeboarding 2012 Catalog: Download

“Venyu Triple-S Invitational 2014,” KiteSpain Magazine, Issue 3.6, Fall 2014: Download
“Wakestyle Wunderland,” Kiteboarding.eu, Issue 104, Fall 2014: Download
“The Triple-S Invitational,” KiteWorld, Jul/Aug 2013:  Download
“Weendy: The Hottest Weather App,” SBC Kiteboard, Spring 2013: Download
“Like a Virgin,” SBC Kiteboard, Fall 2012: Download
“Live Your Dreams,” KiteGirl, Dec. 2012: Download
“Kitesurfing’s Crown Jewel,” SBC Kiteboard, Winter 2011: Download
“Wakestyle Wonderland,” Kiteboarding, May 2011:
“Are You a Virgin?” Billabong BVI Kite Jam program, Feb. 2010: Download

“Royally Jammin,” Kiteboarding, Mar. 2010: Download
“Best of Kiteboarding Magazine,” Kiteboarding, May 2009: Download

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