IMG_0633 (cropped)Brian L. Wheeler, M.A., Ph.D.c, is a wordsmith, Alan Watts scholar, and doctoral candidate. Given Wheeler’s passion for exploring the bounds of human potential and cosmic connection, he writes from the ground of experience, inquiry, and scholarly creativity.

After earning a master’s degree in Philosophy & Religion (concentration in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness) at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), Wheeler went on to pursue a PhD in the university’s East-West Psychology program. Currently, he is writing his dissertation on paradox and the cosmology of Alan W. Watts. For his bachelor’s degree, Wheeler attended Western Washington University’s interdisciplinary program (Fairhaven College), where he studied writing, worldviews, and consciousness.

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As a seasoned journalist, versatile editor, decorated athlete, world-renowned kiteboarding judge, and accomplished writer, Wheeler’s passion for action sports and the written word runs deep. Having written for 30+ magazines, amassed 800+ pages of editorial exposure for clients around the world, and edited for several industry-leading publications (such as Wakeboarding and Kiteboarding magazines), his editorial experience spans four industries. Additionally, Wheeler has freelanced for a slew of prestigious clients and organizations, action sports companies and events, including Sir Richard Branson’s Kite Jam. Most recently, he did some PR work for North Atlantic Books and edited and wrote for the Alan Watts Organization.

While Wheeler holds a lifelong passion for action sports, he also has a much deeper side too: a love for exploring and writing about the mysteries of consciousness, life, and existence.

He is not taking on clients at this time.

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